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20-min response time guarantee
Daily Off-Server Backups
7 Day Money Back Guarantee
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S4-Saint Bernard
RAID-10 Disk Space
Redundancy of 8-Disk Arrays
2 GB
4 GB
10 GB
20 GB
Premium Bandwidth
Using 1000mbps (Gigabit) Ports*
66 GB
132 GB
330 GB
660 GB
Instant Account Activation
Instant Setup once payment clears
99.9% Uptime SLA
We Pay YOU if our server goes down!
Daily Off-Server Backups
We keep your data secure!
20-min response guarantee!
Free Account Migrations
We move your account(s) for you!
cPanel Control Panel
50 programs autoinstaller
Add-On Domains
Parked Domains
Unlimited Sub-Domains
Unlimited mySQL Databases
Money Back Guarantee
Unlimited Email Accounts
Money Back Guarantee
Enterprise Grade Servers
Setup Fee
$3.49 USD
$6.95 USD
$11.95 USD
$17.95 USD
Quarterly (3 Months)
$9.42 USD
$18.76 USD
$32.26 USD
$48.46 USD
Bi-Annually (6 Months)
$17.79 USD
$35.44 USD
$60.94 USD
$91.54 USD
Annually (12 Months)
$33.50 USD
$66.72 USD
$114.72 USD
$172.32 USD
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*Please be aware that although the servers are on 1000 mbps (Gigabit) ports, under a shared environment, it is realistically impossible to be able to push that must data on a consistent basis. The server will push as much as the hardware can handle up to a theoretical 1000 mbps limit. Most web hosts are limited to 100 mbps ports and some even 10 mbps ports.